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The Contractor Management System or CMS is a windows based multi-user program developed for contractors. This program automates the business processes from setting up contracts to booking appointments, to creating work orders and invoices. The CMS will track the work status and work history of all the work done on a contract. Additionally, the program will track the work done by each worker/installer based on the work orders they completed.

The Contractor Management System can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your company.


Contractor Management System : Main Menu
Contractor Management System : Work Order List Contractor Management System : Appointment Calendar Contractor Management System : Create Appointment
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The Contractor Management System includes a receivables module that creates invoices from completed work orders or created manually for non-work order related services.

This program is ideally suited for building sub-contractors working on multiple sites with multiple lots at the same time. Smaller contracting companies can have the program adjusted to suit their requirements.

Great Features
  • Client phone call messages are tracked in the database. From these phone messages an appointment can be booked. From the appointments, work orders can be created
  • Colour coded calendar to display appointments for each day
  • Click on a calendar day to view the appointment details
  • Assign work orders to employees
  • Ability to re-book or re-assign incomplete parts of a work order
  • Automatically invoice completed work order items
  • The Call-in module creates multiple appointments for multiple lots of a contract with a single click of a button
  • Scan and link drawings and documents to contract items that can then be printed out with work orders
Case Study

RSCOM Clients - Mecel Security

Mecel Security is a successful contractor specializing in installing security and vacuum systems in new residential developments. Mecel has experienced tremendous growth during the current building boom and required a software application to assist them in managing their business operations. RSCOM worked with Mecel to develop a customized software solution to track their appointments, work orders and invoices. MECL Security continues to grow today and RSCOM has continued to adjust and upgrade their program to meet their changing requirements.

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