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Work-Smart is a full service program designed for employment agencies and human resource departments. Work-Smart works for you by automating your business processes to reduce recruitment costs and increase productivity. As your company grows and evolves, Work-Smart can be customized to meet your new requirements.


Work-Smart : Main Menu
Work-Smart : Reports (Web-Based Version) Work-Smart : Applicant Input Form (Windows Version) Work-Smart : Client Record (Windows Version)
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Work-Smart comes in both an internet and Windows versions. This program includes full function modules to track your applicants, clients, prospects, job orders and more. Included with this program are complete payroll and accounts receivable modules.

Work-Smart can be connected to your company’s web site to offer additional services to your clients and applicants including job listings and self-help modules.

Great Features
  • The web based version can be accessed from any location with an internet connection (e.g. office, home or coffee shop)
  • Unlimited number of users per database
  • Use Work-Smart’s quick search utility to quickly and effectively match applicants to jobs
  • Add an unlimited number of notes for applicants, clients and staff
  • Running payroll and account receivables is quick and simple
  • The payroll services includes the preparation of T4 slips and the government remittance file
  • 10 standard reports included. Additional customized reports can be added
Case Study

RSCOM Clients - Can

Can Work Corp required a program that allowed its head office to share data in real time with its four (4) branch offices located throughout Southern Ontario. Can Work’s requirements included the ability of their head office to have access to each branch’s database so they can run the payroll and accounts receivable invoice operations and update records for applicants, clients and job orders. Work-Smart’s internet based version satisfied Can Work’s requirements and also provided real time management reports on each branch’s daily activities.

Absolute Recruitment began using the Windows version of Work-Smart in 2002. Since going live at Absolute’s Mississauga office, Absolute has gone through a national expansion and movement into new revenue streams. The rising fortunes of the company over the past five (5) years has meant that Absolute has had to deal with maintaining a high level of efficiency and effectiveness in its business processes as its workload and staff have consistently made significant increases. RSCOM has worked closely with Absolute’s management to evolve the Work-Smart program to meet the increasing number of customized requirements. In addition to upgrading their program, Absolute has also had the Work Smart database linked to their web site to provide job-listing services.

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