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This Internet based program was developed for wholesalers, distributors and fulfillment companies to maintain their inventory, customers, shipments, invoicing and more. By automating inventory transactions. The standard version of the program includes modules for inventory, purchasing, sales, shipping, invoicing and customer tracking. The RSCOM Management System or RMS has an E-store component that allows your customers to order your products online.

The RSCOM Management System is customizable to meet the specific requirements of your company.


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RSCOM Management System : Online Order Form RSCOM Management System : Product Record RSCOM Management System : Shipping
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The RSCOM Management System is designed to give your company an accurate real time inventory valuation. Easily track the movement of your inventory from the time it is received into your inventory to the time it is delivered to your client. The RSCOM Management System can be upgraded to link to shipping programs like UPS and Purolator. This added feature allows you to track your shipments through the their systems along with the associated shipping costs.

Great Features
  • The Inventory record details include complete purchasing and sales history
  • Inventory accurately tracks on hand amounts, on order amounts and amounts reserved for existing orders
  • Create single or batch sales orders
  • Complete shipping process from pick lists to packing slips
  • Can be customized to link to most shippers’ waybill and costing software
  • Create invoices from Sales Orders
  • Specialty promotions module
  • Online catalog and order forms for customers
  • Comes with 10 standard reports. Additional customized reports can added
Case Study

RSCOM Clients -

Olivan Marketing Inc. provides fulfillment services to some of Canada’s largest companies. One of their clients has over 200 stores across the country. The RMS program allows their clients’ stores to place orders online from any location where they have an internet connection. Olivan also provides their clients with branded web based interfaces attached to the RMS database so they can take advantage of selected services provided by the RMS. Olivan uses the RMS’ web based administration module to maintain their inventory and to process their sales orders for shipping and invoicing.

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