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Advanced Sports Technology or AST is a database program used to track the necessary information to create detailed profiles of all the people and organizations associated with a particular sport. The purpose of this internet based application is to provide the tools to enhance the development of the sportís participants and its market presence. The AST can be linked to your existing web site to provide additional services such as newsletter subscriptions and donations. Data tracked through the administration module such as player bios, results and events schedule can also be displayed on your web site.

The Advanced Sports Technology can be customized to suit the specific needs of your sport.


Advanced Sports Technology : Tennis Development Centre Evaluation (Physical Development)
Advanced Sports Technology : Building Tennis Communities Evaluation (Home Page) Advanced Sports Technology - Building Tennis Communities Evaluation (Activities) Advanced Sports Technology : Player Assistance Tracking
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Beyond the web site components, the AST tracks the performance results and evaluation of players, coaches, leaders and organizations within the sport. Additionally, all assistance received by the above is also tracked. From this data, analytical reports are generated to assist management to manage their sport development resources.

Great Features
  • Can be customized to suit your sportís specific business processes
  • Facilities Booking module
  • Donations maintenance module
  • Create and distribute multiple newsletters
  • Create and maintain multiple newsletter subscription lists
  • Mass email module. Create mailing lists from your data records to send html emails such as the event and promotional information
  • Create and maintain the content for the News page
  • Back End Administration module allows you to track and profile all the people and organizations associated with your sport. The database is set up to create and maintain the relationships between the various people and organizations you are tracking. For example, displaying the relationship of a prospective donor to coaches and/or players in your sport
  • Fully functional e-store
  • Links to third party credit card processing company for registration payments and e-store purchases
  • Events calendar. Events and results are maintained through the administration module and can be displayed on your web site
  • Comes with 10 standard reports
  • Unlimited number of users
Case Study

RSCOM Clients -

In 2004, RSCOM Consulting worked with Tennis Canada to create a database program for their High Performance department. The department is responsible for overseeing the development of players and the organizations that support them. This customized program includes tracking the players’ matches, results and funding. The clubs that trained and developed the players are profiled, evaluated and funded through this program. A full set of reports is generated for management to analyze and evaluate their development programs. This web-based application became the basis for the Advanced Sports Technology program or AST.

Over the past 3 years, RSCOM has expanded this program to include full service modules for the Tennis Professionals Association (TPA) that governs the sport’s coaches, facilities booking, tournament volunteers management, media accreditation processing and newsletter distribution.

In January of 2007, Tennis Canada went live with its new web site. RSCOM Consulting Inc. linked the web site with the Advanced Sports Technology database. By linking the web site to the database, Tennis Canada can offer services to the site users such as newsletter subscriptions, making donations and e-commerce. Additionally, Tennis Canada uses RSCOM ‘s Content Manager to manage the content on their web site including the navigation menus and banners. This gives Tennis Canada the ability to change and grow most of their web site themselves.

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